Your Family Session: Three Things to Remember

A couple is holding hands during their family session as their two boys run around each other during the late Fall season in an open field.

Wow – are we about to say hello to September already?! With the Fall season, comes the scheduling of Fall family sessions & portraits. I for one – cannot wait & absolutely love Fall! For your family session, the ultimate goal here is to capture you all together, just as you are, create magic through the chaos, details, snuggles, tell your story in between the laughter & wishing the night would never end. As we start to schedule your family session, here are a few things to remember as you capture your family in this season:

Remember these three tips for your next family session:

a family holds hands walking together towards the camera in a straight line during their family session from Fayetteville, NC family photographer


 There’s only one family like yours. Some may like snuggles more, one kiddo is fine standing beside you, and some may want to just hold mama’s hand. I always make sure that everyone has movement & connection with someone in your family, whether that would be holding hands, leaning on dad’s shoulder, or dancing with your little ones. Don’t worry, we’ll have those slow moments in between during your family session🧡

A little girl is jumping across a rock towards her family on a cliffside overlooking distant mountains during their family session from Fayetteville, NC family photographer


This means exactly what you think. Kiddos, especially little ones do not always have the attention span to sit for a whole hour doing the same thing during a family session. Let them explore, pick flowers, have all the tickle bugs, and let them be just themselves! This definitely lets me capture their whole personality & more candid moments than I otherwise could. We’ll play the games, get the laughter and love, let them snuggle & be a kid. These make up some of the best images I deliver to families!

a baby is exploring the Fall season by holding a golden leaf up to her mouth as she sits on the ground from Fayetteville, NC family photographer


I know what you’re thinking. You booked your family session for a reason and probably have specific desires of how you want it to go. Maybe your little one wishes to be held with fewer smiles or your big kiddos are a little camera-shy. Sometimes things don’t always go the way we wish – and that’s okay. Leave your expectations at home, give your trust to me (or your photographer), and let them lead the session while you sit back and enjoy your family. Take in the moments. Love on your kiddos and partner. Remember these moments. We’ll do the rest ✨

a mom holds and embraces her son with her back turned toward the camera as her son looks off into the distance, her husband looking at both of them with a smile from Fayetteville, NC family photographer

Did you need this little reminder for your family portraits?

I hope these three tips help you! Save or bookmark this post to have before your next family session & let me know which one in the comments is your favorite!

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August 23, 2023

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