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North Carolina Photographer

Meet your North Carolina Photographer! It’s officially been a little over two months since we arrived in North Carolina! As we’re settling in, I’m so excited to restart my business here again in NC! It will be so exciting to photograph amazing local families and couples around Fayetteville & surrounding areas!

I did a little introduction on my Instagram post last week, but I wanted to do something here as well on the blog! The title of this post says “Meet your North Carolina Photographer” because, by the end of this post, I want you to feel like you have already met me! In case you didn’t catch it on social media, we’re a military family. We recently moved from Fairbanks, Alaska at the end of March & slowly but surely catching up from the slow life in Fairbanks.

Military life while being a business owner & a mom isn’t always easy. However, it sure creates adventure, lets us experience different cultures and ways of life, and go where we could only dream of. If you’re a military family or couple, you may be finding this paragraph pretty relatable.

What I do:

I specialize in creating adventurous and effortless images for families and couples. If you’re reading this, you are probably craving a unique experience, fun, and a seamless process during your photography experience! I’m in year 7 of creating and documenting memories. And there’s no other career I’d rather be doing.

I make sure to connect with each and every client, make their experience unique, and create fun images that tell your story with a little bit of adventure, capture the smaller moments we want to savor, and everything in between.

Family sessions, couple & engagement sessions are available. Visit my website at to learn more information & inquire!

North Carolina Photographer - Fayetteville

Fun things to know about your North Carolina Photographer –

– My husband and I have a four-year-old with a wild & sweet spirit who loves camping, all things Bluey, and unicorns! If anyone understands how fast time flies & wants to have all the moments right at our fingertips or on our walls to cherish, it’s me.

– Although over the last few years, we’ve lived in a few places, I originally grew up on the east coast. Fredericksburg, VA to be exact – and that’s where the passion I had came to surface all the way back in high school

– Coffee, all day every day. My favorite is a caramel macchiato or a good ole’ fashion latte.

– If there’s one food I had to eat for the rest of my life, it would be pasta. Also, chips and salsa never stand a chance in my household. I’m always down for some tacos!

– Resetting my home for the next day calms my type 1 brain with a type 3 heart – and that always includes random dancing.

– I’m the mama that pulls up to the grocery store, base bumpin’ to either Screamo, Taylor Swift, Mumford & Sons, and everything in between.

– I became a plant mom last year (I have a dumb cane and a pothos) and still have no idea what I’m doing but seem to (kind of) have a green thumb. I recently had to start over because unfortunately, my two plant babies didn’t make the move from car transport, but my new ones are thriving!

Are we friends? Did we just become FRIENDS?!

north carolina photographer

Seeing the smiles on my client’s faces when they leave their session has my heart forever. If you work with me & see me dancing in between photographing – you’ve got some MAGIC coming your way! Knowing what is most important to you, your story & how to connect with you is a big thing for me. I am so excited to officially start making waves here! I’m officially open for booking and will be posting dates on my social media! SOON – look out for a model call & giveaway!

If this sounds like your jam and want to book your next family session, couples session, or engagement session with me, let’s connect via the contact form on my website. As soon as I get your inquiry, you’ll get an email with all the information you need, way too many exclamation points, and a look to book a phone consult so we can chat all the details within 24 hours (but really like two hours unless my kiddo is making me blow bubbles with her just so she can pop them!)

I know they say that blogging is so 90-ish, but comment down below, tell me where you’re from, and if you can relate to anything in this post! My main platform is always Instagram (I also do post to my Facebook business page). If you’re interested in connecting, getting more information, or just want to come to say hi, here are all the social links below!

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June 5, 2023

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